Pool Filter Holder

This swimming pool filter clamp is no longer available. Instead of spending a small fortune and retrofitting a new filtration system the customer brought me the broken part to make one. With the cost of making the CAD model and the CNC programming was rolled into the first part the customer liked the reduced cost of a second part and elected to have us make him a spare.

Machined bosses and starting the through holes.

Quick blow off with compressed air to check progress.

Chamfering the bosses.

Hemstitching with .500 ball end mill.

Finishing the hemstitch.

Outer perimeter cut to leave a very thin attachment.

Finished part easily snaps out of the remaining material.

After some minimal deburr, another job is finished for a happy customer.

Go Pro Mount

CAD model option 1 direct mount.

CAD model option 2. Customer chose this option.

CNC mill operation 1 completed.

Part completed in 2 operations.

Box of finished parts ready for the customer.

Finished part with mating part attached.

An o-ring holds the parts together.

A tab on the o-ring allows for ease of installation and removal.

Sprint Car Axle

This was an incredibly difficult project to fixture. The goal was to shorten the king pin bosses while maintaining perpendicularly to the pin centerline. By holding the king pin a 3-jaw lathe chuck clamped to the table the pin was perpendicular to the mill table. The king pin boss fit tightly and was clamped down with a bridge clamp on a bolt tightened in the set screw hole. The axle was supported with a screw jack and captured to prevent rotation. Once held properly, all that was required was simple CNC program to circumscribe the king pin. It worked fabulously!